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Bryan Bateman (batemanb) wrote:
In the Kobe dojo that I've seen them, they are arranged in grade order. Your name will move around the dojo as you progress in your aiki.
Another interesting thing, at least where I train, is that the board does not get any bigger. I am sure there is some super secret archaic method of removing name plates but I have never quite figured it out.

A few things I have noticed - is the higher your rank or the longer you were regularily training the longer you can be away before you are removed. I was away for two years and still up there but I have no idea whether there was a last minute scramble to find the lost nafuda (thanks for the info Chuck).

If you die tragically - no way are you removed. If you die in the fullness of years you remain in the dojo for a few more but eventually you disappear.

Shodokan Honbu just built a new one for the members of foreign and affiliated clubs. The names of those members who come from abroad to train. This takes care of several long standing problem including space on the nafudakake (thanks again Chuck).

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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