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Basia Halliop
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Robot doesn't imply artificial intelligence, and indeed the vast majority of robots don't have any AI incorporated, but there's no reason you couldn't build a robot that also had significant computing power or AI...

I'm not sure I see the point, though, or how it would work. Aikido, or any martial art, is designed specifically around how the human body works, so I think to call what the android/robot/thing was doing aikido it would have to basically have a very human-like shape and movement (shape, joints, weight balance, where compression and tension are used, etc...). And even the most advanced androids I've seen may look pretty human and they're getting better at natural-looking movement but they aren't REALLY physically anything at all like a human.

And sensory processing is still pretty basic, e.g. visual recognition... that's why they always get you to type in the squiggly letters from an image when you log into websites -- because humans are still so so so much better at doing that than computers.

And anyway why would anyone want to? There are so many astronomically easier and cheaper and more successful ways of accomplishing the same goal, if the goal is to control people without killing them...

OTOH, given that there are already projects (usually in Japan...) to make dancing androids, maybe it's just a matter of time before someone tries.... Not for any practical purpose, but just because some people find androids cool and engineering departments like to have something cool to demo.
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