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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 10

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
IApart from the Kumano Juku, of Mr Hikitsuchi, Iwama seems to be the only dojo where was such an intense focus on weapons, especially sword--at least for a decade or so, until he started to visit other places, and until weapons came to have lessening importance later in his life. There is also the undoubted fact that he had in effect given over the Tokyo Dojo to Kisshomaru and did not interfere with the running of the dojo. Of course, he would teach there, and taught there increasingly often, but the Tokyo Dojo was not a laboratory/shrine for him.
More than one person who experienced Saito Sensei's instruction in both Tokyo and Iwama has told me that when he taught weapons classes in Tokyo, if Ueshiba Morihei was also in Tokyo, a lookout would be stationed. If the Ueshiba was sighted heading for the dojo, the weapons would be put away before he entered.

Tatemae is a curious thing; still and all, the above seems like a useful observation to have on the record.


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