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There is a lot there and a real explosion of questions here, on e-budo and Aikido Journal in the last month. Frankly I'm typed out.

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Like other pre-war students of Ueshiba Kenji Tomiki went his own way after the war. Ueshiba did not think competition had its place in the Aikikai but according to people I talked to who were there at the time Kenji Tomiki was encouraged by Ueshiba to develop his Aikido.

Kenji Tomiki continued to teach at Aikikai Honbu after the introduction of his system to Waseada University and continued to participate in Aikikai events even after he stopped teaching

The introduction of his system to Kansai Universities was facilitated by an Aikikai Shihan.

The dojo culture and view of what competition means to Shodokan (Kenji Tomiki's style) is quite different from how the strongest critics view it - it is not about winning.

Shiai is considered a training tool with the end result being better Aikido.

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There are several articles written by Tomiki himself on the goals of competition and its role within the Shodokan.

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