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Eric Cyr
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Hi my name is Eric. First let me say what a great honour it is to be able to be part of an Aikido forum and secondly to be able to voice and share an opinion. I am very pleased to make all of your aquantances.

I agree with everything you have all said. I believe Taka Sensei or Steven Segal has done both good and bad things for Aikido however I don't think O'Sensei would agree that what Steven Segal was doing was good for Aikido. Chuck Norris is a very good spokes person for Karate as you probably all agree but you must all realize the negative impact his portrayal of the art in his early movies has influenced peoples perceptions and reasons for taking martial arts.

I think Steven Segal set out to prove a point. Have you guys heard the phrase marsh mello martial arts? I heard many people use this phrase about Aikido before Steven Segal made his appearance on the silver screen. Not any more!

His portrayal of Aikido has however left audience members with a less than appropriate percepetion of what Aikido is. The intent is not to kill!

We all strive to unite ourselves harmoniously with the attacker to defuse and negate his inner demons and bring back balance. The principles of Aikido can be implimented through fisical conflict on the mat or on many other battle grounds i.e. spousel matters or getting a promotion at work. This is easily done with conflict in daily life. If the day came however where you had to save lives by taking lives, your Aikido will look like what Steven Segal does in the movies! I guess the true question is what you percieve as Aikido. There is a big difference between Aikido and Aikijujitsu but it is the intent that is the main difference. The techniques are similar if not the same! When the intent is to win at all cost, you are doing Aikijujitsu, when everyone wins, you are doing Aikido.

Remember that Aikijujitsu came first and also remember that now we have a choice, Thanks to O'Sensei.
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