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Re: I sense something.. a presence I've not felt since...

One of the skills you develop as a cop over the years is the ability to pick out who the truly "bad dude" is in a group. The skill isn't foolproof and sometimes you're wrong, but the percentage is very high that you are correct. There are a lot of subtle tells that you can articulate; the deference shown him by his friends, his focus, his relaxed body language, his quiet confidence. It usually ain't the character with the shaved head, tattoos, pit bull and Tapout tee shirt. It certainly isn't the guy telling you how bad he is either.

Uniquely, a friend of mine from the FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit interviewed dozens of individuals in prison for killing cops and asked why they chose to fight it out with their victim and not others. Almost to a man, they talked about a lack of focus and attention, lack of confidence, and sloppy uniforms. A common response was that the arresting officer who finally got them wore a sharp looking and professional uniform, had a strong command presence and bearing, was self-confident, and remained focused on the situation.

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