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1) This crying slumped in a corner statement I've never seen. Then I would add what's it's significance? Why do people say this? I've seen many big men crying 'in a corner' It's the type of statement I would question the user on.

On the origins of the usage of the "aiki" term, there are various narratives around, one of the most interesting is this one:

In 1922, Takeda "visited" Ueshiba in Tanabe, a habit he was to repeat through out his life whenever he needed money. The reverend Deguchi did not care for Takeda and suggested to Ueshiba that he change the name of the art from Daito-ryu Jujitsu to Aiki. He also gave some money to Ueshiba to give to Takeda so that he would go away. According to Inoue, he became upset with his uncle when hesitant to add the term 'aiki' to the name. Eventually the name was changed to Daito-ryu Aikijujitsu, but the fact that Ueshiba had had doubts about changing the name, was one of the factors that contributed to the split between the two after the war. At the age of 21, Inoue returned to his birth place to engage in mushashugyo, (itinerant training in the martial arts). He was very successful and decided to go to Tokyo to teach. When he went to get his parents approval, they informed him that they could only support him if he ran the family business. Being his usual head strong self he told his family he was not able to run the business, and instead went off with his uncle to teach the martial arts.