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Did you have to travel to find a teacher for this or was this found in your weapons training?
Like Sagawa, Ueshiba, and Kodo before me....
First given
Then developed.
I'm not important.
And discussions of individuals only continues to miss the mark. It is far more important to understand why there are so many doing these things and that this work is out there in many forms. That way, it frees everyone's mind to understand they can have it too....for themselves.
Ueshiba, while great, was simply in the end, yet another internal artists...quoting the classics and simply laying out body technology centuries old. His doka of the way, are sometimes direct quotes of Chinese works. Aikido-ka find them inexplicable, others see them for what they were.
It is stupifiyingly dumb for all of those gving us a hard time over; Heaven/ earth /man, six direction training, In yo ho and dual opposing spirals, etc. after it was discovered it was there all along, layed out in Ueshiba's own words, to continue to doubt. You'd think those who knew it all along would be lauded.
Rarely have I seen ignorance....defended so strongly. In the end, many don't want to know where he was pointing, if it means they have to go back and start again.

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