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Re: Problems in a dojo

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They also never let me assist the instructor or lead the beginner classes myself when instructor is absent (I hold the rank of 1st kyu). Of course once I had to lead the entire class because no on else of higher rank was present, and although many people that were in class later said it was OK and they liked it, I had to listen the usual "You' re not yet ready" story from dojo cho and other senior instructors.
Your instructor no-showed, you covered for his ass, and you got grief?!

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I've tried that several times, but every time it was unsucessfull. Every time I tried to talk to that guy he always had something more something important to do, he would just ignore me, or sometimes even insult me.
If trying to talk to him alone won't work, then talk to him when the rest of the herd is present. If he's a jerk in front of everyone else, you won't need to tell everyone why you're leaving.

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I think that's just what I'll do if I decide to leave the dojo.... (you must understand that I'm having second thoughts about about leaving the dojo because I have some good friends there)...
Keep in contact with the reasonable people. If you go to another dojo and find a safe and respectfull environment, maybe your friends will follow. They may be scared to leave by themselves, but with a leader maybe they could be stronger?...

There are some mean, stupid people on this planet that are unable to behave like an adult and treat people with any respect. Kicking their asses and throwing them in the dumpster every day for a month wouldn't teach them anything. Be the change you want to see in the world. Stop wasting weeks and months of your life and move! You just might teach someone something.

What would you tell someone that you love if they were in this situation?

Best of luck to you.

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