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Amir Krause
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Re: Problems in a dojo

I heard that every instructor has something special he can teach his students
Yep, every teacher has something sepcial for every student. For each person, there are some teachers whose lesson is "you can't learn from everybody". Different students will find this lesson to apply to different teachers (it is a matter of match up and as much as of quality),

following only one teaching would be some sort of a limitation
Only if you are never oen to learning from others. On the other hand, I found the best teacher for me on the first try, in a fluke of chance, and have stayed with him since (for over 17 yrs now). I did venture around (he even enourages it at times), and I have gone and studied for short times with other teachers (other styles and other M.A.). My outside experiance only strengthened my opinion above.

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