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Re: Problems in a dojo

Our dojo is affiliated with a certain organization (the one headed by a certain chief instructor who split with the organization's headquarters a few years ago). But for some reasons, our head instructors refuse to have any contact with other schools of Aikido, and in a way act like the chief instructor is some sort of a guru. Of course, probably because of my interests to learn some other things beside official chief instructor's teachings, (and to have a sort of eclectic aikido approach), they don't like me... (for example, when I volunteer to be in a demo team or to lead the class, they often tell me that I'm "not yet ready".)

I also must say that I've been to several seminars of other styles and on a few occasions my training partners were people that hold the rank 4th or 5th dan, and I found them to be more polite and friendly (not to mention willing to explain all the mistakes and how to correct them), than some people in my dojo that hold 1st or 2nd dan and pretend they know everything (and in most cases their only explanation is "Ah, that's wrong, you'll learn it someday." or "You should now what your mistakes are.").

To be honest, I've been seriously thinking about leaving that dojo and joining another one (there's only one other dojo of our style in my area), at least to see if things will change to better. I even considered the possibility to start my own dojo, but I feel like I don't have enough knowledge and experience for that, (not to mention money to rent a place and buy mats)....

So much for now...


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