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Re: I am not a samurai

Larry Camejo wrote:
Though I still don't see why one needed to practice Aikido in particular in order to understand Budo history.
Well my point and also I am sure that of the Evil Dr. S. is that understanding of Aikido and its place in Budo is better understood by people who have some experience of Aikido.

Conversely I also believe that an understanding of Aikido's place in Budo is best served by those with at least some experience outside of Aikido.

I have heard as many ripe statements from cloistered Aikidoists as to what Budo is and isn't as I have from people who have observed one or two classes at the local Y and go on to make really off the wall generalizations as to what Aikido can and can not accomplish.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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