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Rachel Massey (rachmass) wrote:
I started a dojo just over a year ago.
Hi Rachel;

We just passed the one year mark too. Party this Saturday.

Aside from my assistant all my current students were not there the first few months but they came and stayed because of the students that were already there. I also used marital harmony to get some warm bodies.

Our dojo has undergone a few transformations but is now at the point where senior students can help the beginners which still trickle in. I can say that the dojo has found its legs. I was told that keeping a dojo running for a year is almost as big an accomplishment as starting one (mustual back slapping).

Mike - you are not starting from absolute scratch so count your blessings. I only have one bit of advice which has been told to me by a number of successful dojo-chos. Of course you pay attention and take care of your newbies but your primary concern are your regular students. If your training is good your dojo will grow and opprotunities for expansion will present themselves.

PS I personally never liked beginners courses - hate them now. I'ld much rather balance the needs of beginners and advanced in one class.

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