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Re: Can you truly understand budo without training in Japan?

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Also, insert IP/IS/Aiki proponents here on Aikiweb that are trying so very hard to get a 'complete model' (please do not ask me to clarify that in this thread) of it back into Aikido so that people can once again have their eyes opened to 'true budo'. These people tend to be largely not Japanese in origin nor do they all live in Japan.
The myth of "Asian Mysticism" is still quite huge in the West, even in the face of vast amounts of readily available information on the internet. I, personally, find that the people who are very vocal about such subjects, are often people who have never actually lived, or spent a considerable amount of time, in the Asian country of their liking. Even in modern movies, as an example, are these concepts taken to a crazy extreme - the Japanese lady in the recent "Pacific Rim" movie, was so cliché of a Japanese that it bordered on racism, yet I know many people who simply assume that Japanese people do indeed still live and act like that. "I SHALL AVENGE MY FATHER! FOR MY FAMILY!"

Chinese Internal Arts seem flooded with this, as well as many Japanese Martial Arts. With the recent hype and popularity of Korean pop music, I'm sure it's not long before focus shifts to Korea!

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