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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

William Hazen wrote: View Post
For example every LEO certifies with their firearm every year. Most and some of us soldiers also enhance this training with combat pistol courses. Learning to fire their weapons under duress.

Most of them never shoot anyone during their entire LEO Career. Does that mean when the time comes their training will be of no use because they have never actually shot someone? I don't really think you believe that. I have watched your Your You Tube Videos and you guys look serious. I admire that.

Personally I happen to believe the old saying (To paraphrase) "The more sweat in the Dojo The less blood on the street."

William Hazen.
Hey William,
I believe martial arts training can, and does help one deal with physical conflict that takes place outside of the Dojo. However when people start asking questions like "what martial art system is best for real life fights", or "what martial art system trains you to defeat an armed attacker" we are headed down a slippery slope.

Training to use a pistol is a good example. In theory shooting a piece of paper, and shooting a person should be the same. People who have done both will tell you they are most decidedly not in anyway the same thing. Does that mean we have to shoot people in training, no. Does it mean that training with a paper target is useless, no again. It simply means that we must realized the limitations of our training, and see what we are really doing when we train in the martial arts.

When we train in the martial arts we are not fighting, we are training. We learn about things that might have use in physical conflict. We learn about ourselves and our limitations. We learn lots about martial things. But none of this can ever give us the actual experience of doing them, on the fly, when your life is in danger.

Usually when people ask questions like "is true Aikido effective for disarming", they are looking for a guarantee. They want someone to assure them that if they eat their vitamins, say their prayers, and put the time in, they will be able to beat up the toughest guy on the block. The truth is, no such system can ever exist.

This is way saying things like, Filipino fighting system "X" is better then Japanese system "Z" is a waste of time. All we can do is learn, keep an open mind, and learn.

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