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Re: Tanto Practice - Is true Aikido effective for disarming?

I think presumptions abound;
1. That the knife wielder knows what they're doing with a knife,
(the presence of a knife is only a game changer to the degree that the one who is holding it has the experience and/or will to use it)
2. That you must control the knife hand,
(sometimes the knife wielder is just as much knife "fixated" as you can limit the options of the both of you)
3. That the knife is lethal,
(far from the truth)
4. That surviving knife attacks makes you some sort of expert.
(reports are rare and attacks are singular and anecdotal, and many times people are just plain lucky, not necessarily tactically proficient)
5. That training tanto or stick(s) in an aikido dojo automatically makes you competent in a real world confrontation
(So far, either by personal experience or video, I have never seen this to be true, of those I have met who train knife and stick, they are taken apart easily. Most people can be dominated by a combination of trained, true aggression and a mindset that is used to getting hurt and still getting the job done. There is a trained mental state that most martial artists cannot and do not know how to deal with.)
6. Knife attacks are the same
(Knife attacks are so atypical, that the only thing that is consistent about them is their lack of consistency.)

7. The predator mindset is "safer"
Predatory mindset is supposed to be different from a fight (typically Predators will not risk much to get a meal), yet evidence has shown that -depending on where you are- some people will go all the way with you, risking everything, for a few dollars.

That said I have been stabbed and sliced, twice, booted in the head beat with bar stools, on and general I have had my life in my own hands more than a few times....I'm the one who went home that night. I don't consider myself an expert in the slightest, yet I have not met the typical modern martial arts teacher yet who I could not completely decimate with a knife and I am far from alone or even unusual in that regard. Those that specifically train weapons and then do so freestyle with armor-on, have a different mindset and tactical awareness that is palpable. You are not going to ever approach that from doing "kata" or "randori" in a traditional setting-as many who are stepping out recently are finding out. Put's different. It is for very good reason that those who train that way, argue about it with those who's pursuits are a bit more "casual."

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