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Re: Aikido Techniques are Weapons Techniques

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Phil, I don't know if we are having a communication problem, but I still don't see where we disagree. I too believe that wrestling with weapons is an integral part of weapon training.

I don't think that Headlocks and body locks are outside of the scope of what Aikido could be, I just think they are out side of the scope of it's traditional syllabus. I've never seen footage of, or heard a story of O-sensei teaching headlock or body lock escapes. I don't see them listed on the hombu list of techniques for testing.

Those techniques are great unarmed techniques in my opinion, but they just make poor controls for an armed man. In other words if I were making an armed system I would leave them out.

However a close relative that we have in our system is ushiro kubishimi. Interesting thing about Kubishimi is that it's a choke with a wrist grab. Why do you think that wrist grab is in there...
Has this ever been verified as Ueshiba?

- Don
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