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Re: Aikido Techniques are Weapons Techniques

Against my better judgement as you seem bent on projecting ideas onto Takamura that I don't think are justified I'll take issue with just one thing.
I just wanted to point out the comedy of the winner who made the same assumption being used as an example of how making assumptions can cause you to lose. They both hedge their bets with assumptions and luck played it's part, not skill.
Had Donny pulled a knife and gutted him, this story would of read a different way.
I don't believe Takamura assumed any such thing in regard to Donny. I think that the possibility that Donny would not fight fair would have been very much a possibility in Takamura's mind. One of the points is that Takamura was playing a much more serious "game" than Donny and the fact that Donny didn't realize this even in light of the subject of the class was the surest indication of his downfall. The fact that Donny fell willfully into the trap laid for him and that the matching was so uneven allowed Takamura to deliver such a clear lesson.

So the lesson is there and it is up to the individual to extract benefit from that lesson or not.

In the end we do agree because it is lessons such as these that underscore the importance of good manners and harmonious existence. The martial arts illustrate the consequences of violence and it is plain good sense to avoid same.

-Doug Walker
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