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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

To be honest, it sounds like the OP went to an Aikido dojo and expected to get training that would better be found in a Bouncer training program. I think he should move on and find what will suit him better, but I get this funny feeling that he does not really know what that is (especially after the KM references). It also sounds like he has not been in that many real altercations due to the level of speculation in the original post, another reason why he may not understand Aikido's applicability to his needs.

As far as Bouncing skills and training methods that prepare you for a "real fight" go you should take a read of this book by Peyton Quinn, ex-bouncer - Real Fighting: Adrenaline Stress Conditioning Through Scenario-Based Training. Interesting thing in this book is that much of what is taught as principles of dealing with a real fight are taught in any Aikido dojo that has a serious martially-oriented practice.

I dont want those new to aikido to make the same mistake i did, and waste two maybe more years on something for the wrong reasons.
This irked me a bit (though I should know better) since it paints "Aikido" with a very broad brush and does a tremendous injustice to those dojo who actually teach the art in a manner that makes it physically useful in a real threat environment. Imho if one is learning "aikido is turning your back" then I can see why one is wasting time. "Turning your back" is as far as one can get from practical Aikido.

I hope the OP one day gets enough understanding to find the right method or methods for him.


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