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DW Ederer
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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

My Sensei is in charge of loss prevention at a big box retailer. He makes a number of arrests a week and teaches his employees how to make arrests. He has found aikido a very effective tool to quickly get people to the ground and hand cuffed. It seems to work quite well for him and for us against the fast round houses, kicks, etc. I think it's more how you practice rather than the actual techniques. All the students have found resistance just doesn't work if you're trained to capture motion and effectively apply techniques. It's not always pretty or precise but the primary techniques do work well.

I've also trained with some secret service agents that practice aikido because it will get people to the ground quickly and effectively.

By all means explore other methods but don't be surprised if some of you aikido training doesn't help what ever you transition into.
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