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Re: Aikido, Weight Lifting & Flexibility

Kevin Wilbanks wrote: View Post
I have tried to reason with you in the past, but found you unwilling or incapable of sticking to the point, understanding basic concepts or employing basic logic.
That's nice, but you don't address at all the fact that I've done this (well, some of it, since I only spent an hour and a half and was trying to give a thumbnail of the more interesting bits) in front of well-credentialed group of physiologists, kinesiologists, and so on. I get out and demonstrate, research, look for holes in the logic, etc, just to be sure that I'm not spouting malarkey; you critique from your keyboard.
My purpose in these discussions has been to object to claims that are plainly false or possibly even harmful to people. Discouraging people from healthful exercise is irresponsible. Telling people that dissimilar movement skills interfere with one another is false.
First of all, no one has been "discouraged from healthful exercise". At best, counter-productive exercise has been discouraged. So your insinuation is false. Dissimilar movement skills is where your problem is... you just can't picture it because you're unfamiliar with it, yet, thinking back over posts to AikiWeb, I've made more than a few fairly clear comments about what is going on. You either don't remember them or you didn't pay attention when I said it. Rather than waste any more time, let me suggest... once again.... that if you have some interest, get out and see before you start arguing. If you don't have any interest, why are you even bothering to post on the issue?
Your claims that the type of movement you describe is completely different from every other type of movement, exercise, and activity that has ever been studied, and that current knowledge of how neuromotor skills work does not apply, sounds extremely dubious to me. No matter how amazing I found it that someone was hard to knock over or could push me around in person, it would not change my views on this, as they are not based on emotion or anecdote.

The way to convince me would be to develop a clear way to measure or test the performance of these skills, then organize a controlled study showing that lifting weights or going for a run inhibited learning them or decreased performance. If it held up to scrutiny, you would not only prove your point, but probably revolutionize the world of exercise science and possibly neurological medicine itself. Good luck with that.
Well, I stand by what I say. I demonstrate it. I know reasonably well what is going on in most cases, although some of the so-called qi/ki development stuff (in relation to fascial structures, beathing exercises, etc.) I'm not totally clear on because they're somewhat less explainable than I thought they'd be. However, a lot of it is uncharted indeed in terms of western physiology. Not unexplainable, just uncharted waters.

In terms of convincing you, I think I could do it pretty easily... but I don't want to, in your case. Your archived comments are enough for the moment.


Mike Sigman
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