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Re: Weight-training and Ki/Kokyu

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Both represent core strength from a different set of physics because the dynamics of the situations are different, one uses the floor for support, the other guy, on the rings has a very tough situation to deal with with the rings moving and being suspended from the ceiling etc.
I just picked that video because it was the first one I found. Nothing special about the rings. If you want something on solid ground you can find plenty of clips of men's floor exercises on youtube.

I don't understand really how you draw a correalation or distinctly divide one into external the other into internal.
Well there are a number of factors. The main one I mentioned was the noticeable difference in physique, since the thread was about weight training. I also stated that the yoga guy is more relaxed, as the question of relaxation was also brought up. But there are others as well. For me it is not so much a matter of individual elements as it is of watching the overall body movement.

Emotionally we'd like to believe that the yoga guy is doing internal stuff and the gymnast is external...based on affinitiy and identification with the labels we like to put on things...however, I don't think it is quite that simple.
That really has nothing to do with it. Most people that do "yoga" don't have much in the way of internal skill. That yoga video I specifically selected because it's an example of someone who does. I would say that if you did a search on youtube for yoga the number of results that I would put in that category would be less than ten percent (perhaps much less).

Both are impressive athletes that have mastered things that require a command and certain level of mastery of the mind, body, and spirit.

Different set of parameters though!
Exactly my point!

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