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Re: Aikido, Weight Lifting & Flexibility

I've been considering posting these clips in a few recent threads discussing what internal strength is and how it differs from external. Well, here they are. The first clip is internal strength, the second is not. If you look at their bodies it's pretty clear the second guy does serious weight training but the first does not. His arms are like toothpicks, yet he is performing feats of strengths comparable to the second, who has a much more developed physique. I'd say he is also doing them with much more relaxation.

Even though neither of these guys are martial artists, the debate between whether internal strength is better than external strength (or even pure technical fighting skill) is similar to a debate about which of these guys is "better." They are both very good at what they do, and very few people reading this could replicate either demonstration. However, what they do, and how they train, is very different, even though it might look somewhat similar on the surface.

Internal Strength:

External Strength:
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