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I do not intend to say that I have 100% unquestionable concrete evidence that my views are correct, but I would personally have a difficult time believing if I could not support my beliefs with fact. I have not always been a Christian, by the way.

As far as the Santa Claus theory; If I had placed a plate of cookies in to a sealed metal container and welded it shut before going to bed, I would begin to wonder about the existence of some form of cookie eater if the cookies were gone from the box when I cut it open with my arc welder on Christmas morning. I would still be without proof of Santa Claus, but if I already believed in his existence, my faith would be greatly strengthened.

The evidence that I'm talking about pertains to studies that can be done. I would never be so foolish as to base my beliefs on the logic of "nobody can possibly study it, therefore it's truth."

Ben Nagy
PS. by the way Johannes, Jeg lå ikke merke før at du kommer fra Sverrige. Bare stå på gutta, svarene kommer etter prøven.

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