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Brian wrote:
I don't mean to come off as nit-picky, but I didn't say science concluded or suggested that there is something beyond the physical... Nor did I say that my argument was scientific fact- I referred to it as a thesis
You are right, I was perhaps a little too direct about that. This is not really an Aikido topic, so I'll keep my reply short: Time is not so simple as you may think, as we have known since the debut of special relativity in 1905. For instance, someone living in an orbiting satellite will age more slowly than someone on earth, because TIME ITSELF moves slower. This has been measured. Time is in fact an aspect of space, and in some degree interchangable with it. Not that I have all the answers, the nature of time continues to baffle people. And, quantum fluctuations do exist where a particle and anti-particle pair will appear out of vaccuum, or nothingness. (If there are any other physicists out there, lets not argue about the physicality of quantum fields, OK?). I just want to point out that things are very much more strange and complicated than most people realize, and if yr interested in this kind of thing I encourage you to follow up on it. This is how I became a physicist. When confronted with such strangeness one quickly sees that everyday reasoning like '1+1=2' doesn't get you far. peace.


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