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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Jesus practiced aikido too...

Erik wrote:
With Christianity there is no proof of god. There is no methodology for meeting god. There is no evidence of god. There is nothing. Hence, belief in god requires an act of faith for no other reason than you believe. [/b]
Not quite so. There's also logical thought. We can take what we know and deduce other things from it. For example, we know that according to physical law, all physical things come from something else. Nothing physical can just be, but requires something else to create it, generate it, bring it into existence, etc. However, we also know that since all things in the universe (physically speaking) are physical, that something must have created at least the most primal piece(s) of existence without first being created, else we would have an infinite cycle of something creating the thing before it, creating the thing before it, yet never knowing where that ended. Since this Primary Force cannot be physical (again, nothing physical can just be, but must be made by something else), it must have been above physical law. Thus, from our knowledge of physical law, we can deduce that some metaphysical force must have created something(s) physical for us to be at all. Whether It created space and a bunch of gases and set them into motion, resulting in the Big Bang and thus indirectly creating everything else, or whether It hand crafted each thing we know of is completely unknown. But we can deduce that something greater than the universe as we know it created the universe as we know it.

Faith comes into play because this thesis cannot be scientifically proven. Since we are incapable of manipulating metaphysical substance of any kind, we cannot demonstrate this thesis, and thus we cast our entire belief on how existence came to be and what happens after this life on what our brain tells us is fairly reasonable, which can be quite a difficult thing to do.

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