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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Jesus practiced aikido too...

DiNalt wrote:
I also have to add, Rob, that your definition of faith as "Faith, is to have a firm belief without logical proof. " was a well fit for me when I first came in.

Seeing other students roll over their arm effortlessly, I didn't accept it as a logical proof. It pretty much looked like a miracle/trick/impossible to do thing to me.

Therefore, my rolls did require faith.
Besides, I can have all the faith in other people's arms, but it ain't worth squat when it comes to actually MY arm.

Mileage differs, I guess.
I guess that it was just the way you had worded it that made me think that you might have gotten the two terms mixed up. So, you seeing it happening right in front of you wasn't enough to convince you that it could be done by you too. In that case, it was faith, because faith rises out of something besides your six senses.

And I didn't at all mean or even write that people started without willpower. Everyone has willpower. Oh, and that wasn't my definition of faith. It's Oxford's


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