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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
Yes but in my case its usually as a teaching tool (as Edward - to show weakness) and therefore very selective to those I am in a position to be teaching. I don't see myself doing that to my seniors.
Same here.

I often test the stability and integrity of my senior students' technique this way, especially if they are of the belief that they have "mastered" the technique.

I've actually become notorious for showing folks how easily a Judoka (or someone skilled in balance manipulation) may introduce them to "Terra Firma" if their posture was slightly lacking or if they applied too much upper body power into a throw . Great humbler though.

Of course when dealing with my Instructor, the tables are nicely turned

Like Edward said as well, excessive force is a guaranteed way to find out what kaeshiwaza feels like

Just my 2 cents.


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