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Re: non-Japanese cannot become shihan anymore?

Jonathan Olson wrote: View Post
I might be more worried if I was in a non recognised group that gets its rank through a super-shihan as you could be left hanging if that super-shihan dies.
If I understand what your saying correctly, from what I recall from Peters response to me along a certain line of questioning, if you have a super-shihan giving you rank, you should be fine.

But then again you are talking about an organization under a super-shihan... though if they all have recognized Dan grades from the AikiKai then I dont think there would be much of an issue with a transition. [though we humans can complicate things]

Dont know, at some point a lot of the politics mentioned here seems to show me why many people dont really care if they are affiliated... but everything has its place I suppose.



speaking of affiliations it really doesnt seem it matters, to the individual, until they test for Shodan.
[seeing that the kyu ranks are tested differently across the globe...]

We have the situation where we have 5 Aikido organizations in Hungary, and from my understanding none of them are recognized by Hombu. Though they are all under Tamura Sensei... So that is kind of awkward, but on a positive note, it should be easy for an individual who transfers to be accepted in an affiliated organization if they have a recognized Dan rank from the likes of Tamura Sensei... [more thinking about myself if I ever move again]

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