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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

My $.02, definitions and a little history may be helpful.

We have evolution , revolution and mutation. Everything in Nature has evolved thru history as an improvement to survive. Man's brain grew and man put on clothes and had less need for hair. Man got smarter and started gathering and growing crops and livestock, lessening the need to hunt exclusively. Man got even smarter and developed technology to invent tools and machines so he wouldn't have to work so hard and also increase his survivability. So, evolution = improvement.
Imo, to infuse BJJ or anything else to Aikido is simply MUtation. Not an improvement, just different. T
Revolution is a radical move that implies discord, not even applicable to Aikido.

My question is, With all the different 'styles' of Aikido, IS it evolving, or is it mutating? Isn't Aikido already perfect? Didn't Osensei perfect it? If so, then why the need for so many different styles? Or is Aikido simply the means to an end and it's the end that's perfect?

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