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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

Just so my last post doesn't leave a hugely disappointed echo, these are the bits of Maciej's post which I have great respect for. I just doubt Maciej's proposed learning methods are exactly what I would choose.
Maciej Jesmanowicz wrote: View Post
I am also still under impression of two Morihei Ueshiba's intriguing quotes: "Learn and forget" (mentioned in this topic) and "Catch the secret and you can do my level of aikido in three months." (Robert Nadeau, AJ 117).
Based on my 18 years of experience of practicing aikido in today's dojos, aikidokas usually practice twice a week and perform multiple techniques, only repeating each one from time to time. Such practice doesn't seem to be successful, and if aikido's purpose is teaching self defense, such approach appear illogical. Aikidokas are also distracted from learning trained reflexes by mixing in other elements such as teachings on etiquette, breathing, meditation, kihon, suwari-waza, ukemi and weapons. Not to mention unrealistic attacks. It is like learning how to drive a car by reading a book.
Lets' do simple math. There are 1500 repetitions during one hour. If you practice, for instance twice a day, in the morning alone and in the afternoon with a partner, you simply make 2200 repetitions a day. Over a course of 3 months it would be 200,000. Is this enough for one to 'learn and forget' about it? I do not know, but what I do know - it is a lot. Isn't it?