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Re: Back Problems

Ok. Now that sounds about right. I did yoga last night by the way, and I'm amazed at my rapidly deteriorating flexibility.

I do stretches regularly...the typical set that aikikai has passed to all its members generally. Only thing missing there is the hurdle stretch which to my mind would help the hip abducters right?

I also prefer freestyle over breaststroke because as you said, the hip movement does seem to affect me somewhat. Notwithstanding the need for me to see a physio therapist for the correct exercise. Could you mention and desrcibe a few for me to start off with? I would be familiar to some of the more general exercises, but if its too obscure I'll just look it up.


PS: There was this famous karateka who injured his back in an accident. He resumed therapy by doing 1000 turning kicks every day. Apparently it strengthens the back... and since he's done that, he's gotten back to fighting fit. Trouble with me is, I've stopped tae kwon do for decades, and whenever I think back to the good old days, and try to relive the moment, I discover that my legs don't kick as fast, as high and as fluid as before. Damn... we should really do more kicks in aikido. seriously.

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