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Carol Shifflett
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Re: Back Problems

Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
I knew an old guy whose back went out putting on his underwear one morning!
Classic quadratus lumborum injury! Or possibly gluteus medius, as both are involved in stabilizing the pelvis while standing on one leg. Consider that in 2001, the UK Department of Trade and Industry found that thousands of injuries severe enough to require hospital admission were associated with tea cosies, vegetables, and sofas. False teeth were responsible for 933 admissions, toilet-roll holders for 329, and there were 5,945 "Trouser incidents" (compared to 1,207 chainsaw injuries).
The main reason I mention all this is what Carol said about finding the cause.
. . . or at least just identifying WHERE it hurts. As Ahmad hasn't posted a pic, I will give it a try myself just to show the difference. Muscles often have highly diagnostic pain patterns whereas "my back hurts" doesn't mean much. See the difference below (IF THIS WORKS!)

The pain pic at far left is from the psoas -- it runs like a bowstring from your thigh to your lumbar vertebrae. This is the muscle that is strained by straight-leg situps. And that's its typical pain pattern which runs UP the back, possibly as far as the shoulder blades.

Middle is the pain pattern from -- believe it or not -- the rectus abdominus. Too many crunches? Pain running ACROSS the back.

At right are two random spots for multifidi pain. Local and awful. And there's lots more!

Carol Shifflett
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