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Re: Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

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Kenji Tomiki used to say "mushin mugamae".
It is from the "emptines" the technique is created, without the emptines, the opponent will always read your intention to apply a technique.
Basically we attach to the opponents power, expressed by his body, we don't pull or push, we align our body and apply power. When we apply power, we use the polarity between both hands (active and passive hand changing constantly as complimentary forces).
From the emptines (mu) comes the power which creates a waza with the intention to throw (nage waza or atemi waza) or to control (katame waza and kansetsu waza).
Kenji Tomiki was very "academic" in his approach to aikido, but sometimes he used almost cryptic expressions to formulate ideas which he learned from his teacher like Morihei Ueshiba or Jigoro Kano.

I think he is exactly right. And his comments directly align with his teacher-Ueshiba- who obviously taught him. For what it is worth, he, like his teacher before him, is all but quoting the taiji classics.
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