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Re: hakama use

Felipe Gomez wrote: View Post
Hello, I`m new in the aikido world, I`m trying to be 5to kyu, I asking me if I can use the hakama, my sensei said me that I can since 5to kyu, what do u think about it?
Dear Felipe,
I cannot speak for other groups of Aikido however it is my understanding of Aikido that the wearing of the Hakama [for men ] implies a reasonable understanding of Aikido.In your case I respectfully suggest that 5th Kyu is not quite the prerequisite for wearing of the garment.
In the case of Iaido training hakama is standard.In the case of women again Hakama can be deemed a standard feature.
May I state that the advantage of not wearing a hakama at your level enables you to check out your footwork , whether your bodyweight is correct [leading knee bent /straight , back leg straight or bent] without difficulty?Another positive thing is you dont have to muck about folding said hakama ..this in itself is a bonus.
Cheers, Joe.
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