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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hi Bud
Daito ryu? I don't think so. I don't have time to look it up, but if memory serves, I think all he got from Yoshida was some form of single sheet makimono on iron fan...and that after a relatively short study period.
You're right, I didn't mean to imply anything more than he was one guy he studied with. I was just chuckling to hear him mentioned as I was typing about how much I respect the aiki done right here in the US by those outside Aikido who came about it from the same source but *not* Ueshiba.

Kondo mentioned him as a brief teacher and if I remember correctly he also said Yoshida was already partially paralyzed at that time. My more important point was that Yoshida (Kotaro) was one of the instructors who trained under Sokaku (and I read somewhere, although it may be a figment of my fading memory, that it was Yoshida who introduced Ueshiba to Takeda). Anyway, the larger point being that there were a number of students of Takeda, and some who trained long and hard. Ueshiba clearly became the most "famous" especially once the art of Aikido took off in the later years. But there were others, clearly capable, who were learning the same stuff who went in their own directions. So the son Kenji comes to the US and meets up with Angier and that whole nexus forms as well. Just a lot smaller, a lot quieter, a lot more to themselves.

Just riffing on local history, people I've met, things I've seen. Trying to say the world is a heck of a lot bigger and more complex than a lot of folk in Aikido would like to believe it is...

In other words... No argument here. Just blathering on...

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