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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

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With or without stripes? I lost the link to the bright pink women's version but there is this....
the stripes make me look fat and i don't have the right curves for it, which would affect my aikido greatly, in a very negative way. besides, stripes don't harmonize with pink, lace trims would be better. methink, hot pink hakama and black leather vest top would brought all kind of understanding to my aikido, or at least other people understanding of my aikido.

the other frame of reference for me is riding motorcycle. you learn to use minimal amount of energy to steer the bike, mostly with your hips. interestingly enough, my dojo seemed to attract bikers, i.e. 90% of my dojo mates, including my sensei, ride motorcycle. they tend to have a very good sense of balance. now the state where i live isn't too far from Tail of the Dragon trail it's 11 miles with 318 curves in the smoky mountain range. it's scary when you ride in a car, much less on a motorcycle. However, i have not the nerve to go through it yet. some of my dojo mates had. riding motorcycle is very much like aikido. you got randori through traffics, you got mostly irimi follow by tenkan. ukemi is a bitch on asphalt so you don't give up your balance if you can help it. you got push and pull by the winds in various direction. you got to use minimal power to make maximum affect. you got to focus and live in the moment, and cannot let your mind wander, or you will learn why ukemi on concrete, with various obstacles like cars and rails, is a bitch. your mind is on protecting your body and your bike. you got to practice and practice and practice, then push the boundary of your limits. and it's exhilarating and frightening at the same time. what is there not to like when you have a large vibrating motor between your legs?
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