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Re: Moving with your center

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Similar things are probably going to happen with the recent IP/aiki training; no doubt that people claiming to know it, are going to muck it up like everything else we do to the martial arts. In the ICMA, I've already met people with decades of training under internal gurus with all sorts of neat information, who for all their effort...suck! They are stiff, shoulder driven, one-legged-army warriors who can't stand any real pressure either.
Well, 98% of anything is going to turn out to be crap - in the long run. Unless you're working with a very tiny number, with any large group it's really pretty hard to beat the curve. The important thing is that the information and training is out there and available to those people who have the will to take advantage of the opportunity to get to the top of the curve.



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