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Re: On Humanity

I only have a few loosely organized thoughts to offer (and only based on my own "tao"), but one of the things that came to mind is a kind of koan of mine: very often, knowledge obfuscates as much as it reveals. Much like how we look away from one thing to look at another, in focusing on some truth, we often must take our awareness to it, and thus somewhat away from other truths. As our awareness grows, our ability to track multiple truths grows and we can hold them together in meaningful/useful ways (musubi, I think). Our senses fill our mind with a poor resolution of reality, but we can store those "samples" of reality and improve the resolution with mindful practice.
How shall I call myself a teacher when I cannot follow my own teaching? How do I become the Taoist equivalent of Saul of Tarsus, "king of all sinners"? How can I expect others to quell their thoughts and emotions when I myself burn? How can I teach a way of peace when anger strangles my heart?
We all have our wrinkles to iron. The question I would ask relates to the degree with which those things manifest. As a self-avowed artist I have made it a point to nurture my emotions, since it is from them that I get my "inspirata." I love and hate because they are hard-wired into my body, but how I express those things when they arise is based on how I've connected them with my various bahaviors. I feel emotions that at times seem ready to tear me apart and have for as long as I can recall, yet among the people who know me best, I've often been called the mild one. For many things, at least, "it's all relative."

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