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Re: School/Club Management Software

This is a nice software. Here are my suggestions to consider adding:
- an events calendar (by club)
- the ability to get individual's attendance to classes and/or events would be a very nice feature
- a place where the seminar and club advertisements can be uploaded and stored for X number of years so that group emails can reference a web page instead of filling up everyone's mailbox with large attachments
- a way of managing interested parties emails (for instance, let someone who is interested in any events Ikeda sensei is teaching anywhere, or if someone from a nearby dojo always wants to be notified when you are having events ...)
- have a way to pre-pay for events using pay pal or credit card etc... and/or to let people auto pay their club dues
- track injuries and incident reports (if we find that someone was hurt or caused injuries in 10 different events in 10 locations, maybe we want to inform the instuctors of subsequent events that this person is a danger to themselves and others
- provide a place to sell videos of events online

I could go on and on. Let me know if you would like more ideas. -Rob (I didn't realise my wife had logged me out an herself in since I was last at this computer!)


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