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School/Club Management Software

Hi guys,

Does anyone use any club management software? The reason I ask is that I got annoyed with the only options being horrifically expensive so decided to write my own. It's been very useful at my own club. Another member of this forum suggested that maybe other clubs could use it, so I made it a bit more generic and shoved it online. It can do useful things like track sessions/members/bulk email etc.

Since I've put it up a couple of people have suggested I try to commercialise it and pull in some money for the club. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum wanted to have a look at it and tell me how useful it would be and how it could be improved? There's an example database that can be played with, or I'm happy to set up a database just for your club.

Software can be found at and the test database details are:

club: Hall of Fame
user: admin
pwd: admin

Feedback welcome!
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