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Re: Poll: Is regularly training at multiple aikido dojo beneficial to aikido beginners?

Well there are exemptions, when there is a sensei, teaching a few times a week at one place and some other days at another place. While some people could argue, it is the same dojo, just another location, even if they are different clubs sharing one instructor.

In general it is easy to say that absolute beginners better start in one dojo and add additional views on aikido later, if any.

It would be much more interesting, when at earliest you would suggest a student to train in different dojo, given he is talented and lets say the reason is that both dojo just offer 3 classes a week and (s)he seeks for more.

Have a year, 2 years, after shodan?

I know some of you have good arguments for just sticking to one sensei as long as possible.

So I just ask those, who would accept training elsewhere.

My personal opinion is that after 6 to 12 month, one could be able to deal with different approaches. If they have totally different styles and insist both in doing exactly the footwork as taught,waiting longer could be even counterproductive, as the firmer one style is in your body the harder it is to switch instantaneously.

Cheers Dirk
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