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Adam Timbrell
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Re: Not in the face! NOT IN THE FACE!!!!!

Hi guys, actually, my title was supposed to be a joke, and I had forgotten that the line was also in Blazing Saddles! Cheers Will! Look forward to chatting with you all sometime!

Also, I stand corrected about the hoodlums and hitmen. I made a massive over-generalization in that they are all "bad" and not worthy of the ceaselessly enduring and unconditional love that radiates from every cell in my body. I have plenty to go 'round, so what the hey! I'll love them too! I offer my humblest apologies and a Kleenex to any psychos out there that may have been upset by what I so thoughtlessly said yesterday.

P.S. It may take many years for you to get used to my sense of humor. You may have to hear my tone of voice or something. Either that, or I'm not funny.
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