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Re: Anger Management

Sounds like you're trying to deal with the situation. I tend to sit back and let the situation just happen. I tend to take a deep breath, take up a confident posture and just silently keep eye contact until the other person starts to feel stupid for shouting for no reason.
If you need to say anything say it quietly and calmly. If they start making threats about what they're going to do just say "That will solve nothing".

Usually in aggressive situations people get afraid of the fear they're feeling rather than the person they're facing. Trick is to keep focusing on the person, kinda like meditation. Everytime you feel your mind wandering off the person, note it and bring it back but don't dwell on it. Also helps to redefine what you're feeling an adrenalin rush usually gets classified as fear but if you tell yourself that actually it's a great rush and really feels quite good then often it ends up as a "woohoo" feeling rather than a "eeek" feeling.
I mean rollercoasters are fun but knife attacks are scary depite the physiological reaction being the same, the difference is the context you place it in.
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