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Re: The Fear of Power

Chris Hein wrote:
So you believe that the main motivation behind training in Aikido, for the vast majority of people who train in Aikido, is to gain more power?

David Orange wrote: View Post
Yes. I believe that that is naturally the original motivation for the vast majority of people who begin training in aikido and that it largely underlies all subsequently formed motivations. Further, I believe that they are taught that the natural desire to grow strong is somehow "evil" and that this peculiar teaching creates a conflict between their inner motivation and their consciously understood motivations, which consciously supplant their original motivation but cannot replace it at the deeper levels of their personalities. And this peculiarly instilled conflict of motivations weakens the character of aikido and creates a sort of duplicitous, dishonest element in the minds and characters of people so trained. David
All arguments aside here, the above quote from David looks like a good thesis for a paper.....???
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