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Re: The Fear of Power

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
So we ARE talking about physical power, you have adapted your premise.

Read the first post, Tom. I illustrate power with the crushing tail of the leviathan.

How could that be interpreted as anything but physical power?

I've been talking about physical power the whole time, along with whatever spillover emerges as intellectual and/or spiritual. People see aikido as a way to power. They join. They are then taught (in what has apparently become the mainstream of aikido today) that the desire for power is inherently evil. So, if they continue, they have to deny what is their real inner motive for training. I've said this same thing over and over.

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
As has been stated before on this thread there is a limit to physical power. That kind of power will peak at the age of 30 - 40. Ueshiba stated that their was a limit to his physical power and in addition admitted that he had lost more than once because he tried to overpower the other with physical power or with technique. So human physical power is not at the heart of Aikido - Aikido is about something else.
It's not physical power that declines. It's muscular power that is limited. Internal Power is physical/mental power not based on muscle, but it is a body skill. It will not work with the mind alone. But that is the center of "power" as Ueshiba taught. And many "regular aikido" people's resistance to this idea is that IP/IS/aiki proponents are doing a bad thing by trying to attain this power--that Ueshiba sought and developed. These people are afraid of "power"--any kind of power--though it is natural and necessary to life and its development is a natural human drive.

Takemusu Aiki is spontaneous creation of technique based on the attacker's contact with the "budo body" of the IP/aiki practitioner.

This is the point I've been making from the beginning of this thread.


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