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Re: Aikiweb as a "Big Tent"

When I read a topic starter by a "mainstream aikidoka" and there is a reply by an "IP practitioner" what I'm reading between the lines is that the IP guy is saying there is a lost paradigm in modern aikido practice. The "path to power" is not being taught today in mainstream aikido and likely wasn't taught to some of the present day big guns. So, when we have someone, for example, wanting to discuss ki testing within the milleu of their dojo/lineage then the IP guy pipes up...he's coming from a POV that is, essentially, saying "it's all for naught if you don't have this fundamental skill (at whatever level you may be at now) or are working on the development of this fundamental skill - IP" Therefore, if I'm (the IP guy) going to join the discussion it's from the POV that IP is the game changer. That without a basis in IP there is no discussion about ki testing (or whatever). Some may agree with that or not, most probably don't care and are happy to have the discussion from a more generally accepted and mainstream POV. The IP guy, it seems, cannot operate that way (nothing wrong with that btw) so if he is going to join the discussion it will always gravitate toward the need to bring IP development back into the training methods we currently employ because, without it, these methods are empty.

So, to achieve Janet's vision perhaps the IP guy(s) have to remain silent simply because IP is so integral to how they live, breath and see the world.

That said, I would have to agree with Jim's ideas on clear, polite discussion. If the IP guys can speak directly to the thread topic from their POV then that should be productive for participants and trolls alike. ie. "how much competitiveness is good/bad in a ki testing situation?" IP guy " we approach this kind of exercise this way.....". etc, etc.

Hope that isn't too disjointed and stream of consciousness like...:-)


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