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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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No, I was at 15%. A ban from this site would be a big price to pay for kicking your e-butt so I restrained myself. However, I pointed you to a place where we can go nhb if you want.Err... No thanks. We don't need Aiki-McDojos here.
Well you just remember you started it, so you're the one who needs to cease and desist. Apparently you can't handle someone who has an opposing view as your own. I'm just glad you don't speak for the entire Aikido community. Btw, newsflash, it's just not a community any more, it's an enterprise.Yep, it's a bonafide business. "Aiki-Mcdojos", as you call it, is exacly what it needs, with Mcdojo commercials and logos and jingles and action figures and happy meal toys. Right now there's so much inner fighting and "ego jousting", they couldn't muster an AIki-McBig Mac.

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