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Re: aikido and samurie

Tom Hill wrote: View Post
is aikido teaching you the way of the samurie? or how to be a samurie?
Hello Tom,

I see from your profile that you practise archery. Is this Japanese archery, or the sort that the British do in tournaments? If you practise Japanese archery, then I suggest that you look at the life of Eugen Herrigel and his teacher Awa Kenzo. Japanese archery has a much stronger claim to represent the ethos of the samurai (note the accepted English spelling) than modern aikido.

You do not say whether you are interested in actually practising aikido, just whether aikido teaches the way of the samurai. Perhaps it might be best to read a few good books on the samurai (books by Stephen Turnbull are generally good) and then go to an aikido dojo and make up your own mind.

Best wishes,

P A Goldsbury
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