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Keith Larman
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Re: My take on a Mike Sigman seminar...

I wrote all this in a gigantic Joyce-ian stream of consciuosness event.

After walking away then reading it again...


Great seminar. Learned lots. Lots left to learn. Hope to do it again.

On the issue of "It" being missing from Aikido. I have no doubt "it" is something that was part of what made Aikido a powerful and amazing thing in the hands of the very best. I think "it" has been retained by a few, lost by many, and is all over the place in between the two extremes today. What Mike offers, however, is a very nice method of focusing in on that stuff, a framework within which to understand it, and many methods of developing it explicitly to allow you to "recast" what you do with that underlying framework. I find myself about where I thought I was -- somewhere in the middle. Some skills, but more to learn and more to develop.

Story of my life...

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